Our Mission
We want to be the first name people turn to when they have a need associated with facilities services or property management. We want to have a name that clients, employees and our business associates are proud of being associated with RS Solutions. We want our company to be leaders in all sectors in which we choose to work. We shall do this by providing a board of range of services related to housekeeping and facilities and its use. We shall build on our established strengths to provide our clients with innovative solutions.

  • To provide quality service.
  • To keep the customer need in mind.
  • Work through the process way.
  • Build quality brand as a service provider.
  • Preferred service provider.
  • Preferred employer.
Our Vision
Putting the client first, we will identify client’s expectations and requirements. We provide solutions which meet their business needs. Apply and adhere to pre-set standards of service. Deliver our commitments on time, ever time. In our dealings with everyone, we will demonstrate highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Consistently apply recognized best practices. Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements including those of professional bodies.