Customer Satisfaction
RS Solutions set out to provide a standard of service that is second to none. Underpinning all our activities is a genuine conviction that how our service is delivered is just as important as what is delivered.
Systematic Approach Our operations are well planed in terms of, floor plans and material and tools required for the operations Market Leadership

Outsourcing Housekeeping service & Allied facilities service continues to be a fast, direct route to improved quality, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction. RS Solutions specialize in meeting the needs of their clients through dedicated teams experienced in the particular demands of specific market sectors.

Preferred Employer

Today's business environment is intensely competitive. We remain in no doubt that our success comes from the contribution to overall performance made by our people. Reliable and dedicated to their work they know RS Solutions exceptional opportunities for them to develop their careers and their full potential.

Operational Excellence

From the moment we start, by identifying our clients’ service requirements, to the point at which on-site facilities have been installed and beyond, we use and apply superior systems, processes, equipment and standards. Our significant investment in information technology and our discerning approach to purchasing are just two examples of how we strive to adopt best practice throughout our business.

Financial Performance

RS Solutions set out to provide a standard of service sees the continuous growth in earnings per share and the achievement of superior returns on invested capital as major group objectives. We are committed to building volume and net profit growth in order to maximize returns for our shareholders